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If their name suggests danger, skulduggery or something not to be trusted, fear not. Treacherous Orchestra are actually quite a cuddly aggregation, an 11-piece formed on Glasgow’s traditional music session scene who have forged a reputation for exuberant live performances where sitting still is not an option. That exuberance comes across on this debut album. There’s a joyful swagger to tracks such as the tightly executed, crisply punctuated Superfly with its mixture of fleet-fingered traditional tune playing and big grooving heft. As a band, they’re not afraid to acknowledge influences: strains of Wolfstone, Shooglenifty and various prog rock bands filter through the Scottish, Irish and Eastern European traditions. The playing is faultless and the ensemble dynamics, with occasionally added swelling strings, are impressive but there’s a tendency to over-milk themes that might add dramatic insistence on gigs but here can feel more like being badgered by a relentless sales executive.

Rob Adams
Sunday Herald 26 February 2012