FRUK review of Grind

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Check out the Grind review from the one and only FRUK with the following sub-heading in its Featured Albums section:

“Working on a grand scale with incredible musical skill Treacherous Orchestra’s second album Grind is a masterpiece of symphonic invention and seat-of-the-pants virtuosity.”

They also call all festival bookers to task particularly those at the Great British Folk Weekend in Skegness, saying:

“…they played on Sunday afternoon, a fairly lowly billing, which frankly they made a mockery of. Their high energy, euphoric sound should have closed the show…so if you’re in charge of booking a line-up anywhere, take note and most importantly get yourself a copy of Grind to confirm just how good this combo are.”

And Simon Holland of FRUK finished up with the following:

“In many ways Treacherous Orchestra live up, at least in part to their name. Although the constant shifts and the playing with form are thrill-a-minute exhilarating rather than outright dangerous or devious, they are genuinely symphonic and Grind is conceived on a grand scale. Yet this music is also played with intricate attention to detail, an intimate knowledge of the instruments of choice and a total trust in each others ability. They have it all and then some and Grind is pure, unadulterated, delirious joy.”

Thank you Simon — see you moshing at the Borderline again on 25th of Feb