Fantastic Cambridge Folk Festival 2012 review from Virtual Festivals

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‘An electrifying array of musical talent’…

With a magical Celtic blend of fairytale nonsense, Treacherous Orchestra march on stage with all the curiosity of a Victorian vaudeville act. Top hats and bagpipes are the order of the night as the twelve piece Scottish-Irish folk band whip the audience up into a wide-eyed frenzied melting pot of happiness.

Treacherous Orchestra ease into their headline act with relaxed brilliance. John Somerville mythically charms the crowd with his accordion beats, thrashing about like an angry dragon. On the flute, O’Neil lifts the crowd into a lilting lyrical mess, relentlessly and bravely fusing an electrifying array of musical talent.

Every song grows in stature to a frantic reverberating finish from a humble and soothing start. The charged set, intense melodies and high impact performances cannot fail to fill anyone watching them with a rush of vigour. Proving their musical prowess, they cover a wide musical spectrum, juxtaposing calm melodies with wild flamboyant dance tunes.

Their boundless, intense energy is such that you can fix your attention upon any one of the twelve strong act and be utterly captivated. Individually, each is magical; together they are nothing but pure musical genius.

Don’t be fooled by their bold nonsensical demeanour, this is a band whose magnanimous power is underpinned with a highly sophisticated and complex musical talent.

— Meg Roberts