Duncan Lyall’s new album, Infinite Reflections

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Treacherous bassist Duncan Lyall has just released a new album, Infinite Reflections, and launched a new website. (www.duncanlyall.com) “A soundtrack to an infinite number of stories”, Treacherous fans will love this new offering from our ace of bass and Origins co-producer.

The album features an array of brilliant musicians:

Duncan Lyall – Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Synths, Programming, Shakers and Shruti Box

Angus Lyon – Piano, Rhodes and Accordion

Ali Hutton (Treacherous Orchestra) – Pipes, Whistles and Guitar

Innes Watson (Treacherous Orchestra) – Guitar and Fiddle

Patsy Reid – Fiddle and Viola

Gillian Frame – Fiddle

Seonaid Aitken – Fiddle

Lori Watson – Fiddle

Martin O’Neill (Treacherous Orchestra) – Bodhran

Alyn Cosker – Drums

Go check out www.duncanlyall.com and click on “composer” to hear a couple of tracks from the album.

Infinite Reflections is available on CD or download from: www.reddeerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-reflections