John Somerville

John Somerville - GrindOriginally from the Highlands of Scotland, John is one of a new breed of exciting and dynamic accordion players to recently emerge from the vibrant Scottish music scene. He has constantly been refining his unique style of accordion playing, performing and writing for a whole host of bands and artists.

He started off as a founding member of electro‐folk pioneering group Croft No. Five with whom he toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe. He has also collaborated with musicians from across the globe including recent commissioned work with instrumentalists from Japan, Cape Breton and Central Europe. His style takes in influences from far and wide including West Highland and Gaelic music, European Folk as well as more modern forms such as techno and dance music.

A prolific composer, John’s tunes continue to be a predominant part of the Treacherous Orchestra arsenal, with some of his recently composed tunes also featuring on the new album.